Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter

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or does it?all this circling around inside the darkened rooms inside those dreams of ours that never get used


FANGIRL CHALLENGE (x) | Character deaths 1/7

↳ Vivian | The Wolf Among Us

I can’t pretend anymore.

Sera needs a H E R O

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Make me choose & asked : Kaidan Alenko or Anders?

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Dragon Age 2: Battle sounds [complete]

I just listened to this whole thing and laughed freakin’ hysterically.  I can never seem to pick these out when I’m actually in combat, but they are GOLDEN.


Fenris only freaks out when Hawke’s down.

No one can quite believe it whenever Aveline’s down.

Carver’s an insecure brat, until Hawke’s down, then he’s all vengeful fury.

Sebastian switches between Brother and Rascally Prince even in battle.

To replay the entire Silverite Mine section so I can get back my staff that I spent 172 gold on and glitched out of the game because the Experimental Subject that I was supposed to have my stuff never spawned, or not

That is the question.


Video games → my favorite credits soundtrack

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